A research project with the TechFak EcoCar Team and the University of Erlangen

What's it about?

The Silver project deals with the construction of a flying robot, which combines innovative concepts of aviation to an efficient, autonomous flying and overall scalable concept. Research focuses on the development and construction of all individual components, such as wing construction, battery systems, flight control and much more. In order to achieve these goals, the students work on questions as a team as well as individually in final theses and internships.

If you want to know more about our completed projects, click here for the Project ElMo and here for the Project EcoCar.

Our main research areas

Autonomous flying

In order to allow a versatile use in research as well as in our prototypes, our flight model is equipped with various sensors for autonomous flights.

Regulation of flight modes

A stable flight behaviour and a seamless transition between our two flight profiles hovering & gliding is made possible by a control written in C++ which is further developed by the team.

Battery and charging systems

A modular energy storage system with extreme energy density and a specially developed, redundant battery management system control and supply our aircraft models with the necessary energy.

redundancy concepts

In order to ensure autonomous and safe flying, redundant systems are a necessity. This is why our energy supply, its control system, our motors and the main control system are designed redundantly.

Flying wing body

In order to continuously optimize our vertical take-off and long-range Copter, we are continuously researching optimized flying bodies in the form of flying wings and box wings.

converter development

A self-developed and sinus commutated inverter with integrated gate drivers and operational amplifiers enables us to achieve smallest overall dimensions and impressive ESC performance at the same time.

The silver project


What's the name stand for, anyway? Vertically starting, intelligent, long-range test platform in the form of an electric rotor aircraft.

Diverse tasks

The topic of aviation offers new perspectives and opportunities for numerous research areas. The team brings together a wide variety of tasks and disciplines and researches joint solutions.

Aim of the project

The name already explains a lot, but: with this platform as the project goal, we also see joint professional development in the team as a clear goal of the project.

Scientific approach

As a small team of students working closely with the University of Erlangen and the Fraunhofer IISB, the main focus is also on learning and applying scientific methods.

And that's us

More than 20 students from various fields of study and subject semesters, who together carry out state-of-the-art research in innovative projects. As a team, we develop individual components and solutions for our research platforms, and even final theses and internships are supervised here. As a student team located at the Faculty of Technology, we offer a variety of opportunities to gain professional expertise and explore new, interesting areas of research. In addition, students learn to apply the practical skills acquired during their studies.

Our sponsors and interdisciplinary partners

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